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Legislation that is enacted by a majority vote of the Legislative Council includes resolutions, ordinances, legislative orders, and the laws appearing within the Tohono O'odham Code. The Legislative Secretary maintains the official, written record of all legislative actions.

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January – December
#1Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Adopting Order of Business
#2Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Renewing Permit to N. A. O’Mara/Airplane Hangar
#3Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Licensed Traders
#4Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Accepting Board Appraisers Report / El Paso Natural Gas Co.
#5Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Council Requesting Payment
#6Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Expressing Gratitude to John Collier/Indian Re-Organization Act
#7Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Expressing Gratitude to Senator Carl Hayden
#8Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Approving Council Payment
#9Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Expressing Gratitude to Father Bonaventure Oblasser
#10Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Authorizing $100.00 to Fair and Rodeo
#11Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Requesting Payment to each Papago Council Officer
#12Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Funds for Truck Trails/Hickiwan District
#13Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Right-of-way Granted for Sells-Tucson Highway
#14Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Seed Requests to be referred to Districts
#15Resolution – [Untitled] – RESCINDED – Relating to Requesting Payment for various officers & delegates
#16Resolution – [Untitled] – Relating to Funds for Papago Exhibit/International Exposition