Tohono O’odham Code

The Tohono O’odham Code is an unofficial compilation of the Nation’s laws of permanent and general interest, as well as Tohono O’odham Judicial Court rules, canons, and significant administrative orders. While the Code as a whole has not been formally adopted by the Legislative Council, an increasing number of the Nation’s laws are being adopted in a uniformly codified format and the individual laws appearing in the Code have been duly enacted as reflected in their legislative histories. The histories appear on the title page of each chapter or article and provide a detailed description of the enactment and amendment of the materials that follow, as well as references to related and repealed provisions.

The Tohono O’odham Code has been created as a reference that will necessarily be refined and expanded as additional materials become available. Suggested additions and corrections are welcome and should be referred in writing to the Legislative Attorney’s Office.

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Table of Contents
Constitution of the Tohono O’odham Nation

Title 1General Provisions
Chapter 1Construction
Chapter 2Sovereign Immunity; Legislative Immunity
Chapter 3Government Comment Guidelines
Chapter 4Appointed Officers
Title 2Agriculture and Livestock
Chapter 1Tohono O’odham Farming Authority
Chapter 2Rodeo and Fair
Chapter 3[RESERVED]
Chapter 4Livestock Owners
Chapter 5Livestock Buyers
Chapter 6[RESERVED]
Title 3Children
Chapters 1-3Children’s Code
Chapter 1– Children’s Civil
Chapter 2– Juvenile Justice
Chapter 3– Effect of Children’s Code
Chapter 4Juvenile Curfew
Title 4Civil Actions
Chapter 1Civil Actions
Chapter 2Removal and Exclusion of Nonmembers
Chapter 3Garnishment Law
Chapter 4Violating a Public Health Measure
Title 5Commerce
Chapter 1Business Transactions
Chapter 2Photographing Permits
Chapter 3Traders Licensing
Chapter 4Tow Truck Regulations and Requirements
Title 6Courts
Chapter 1Courts and Procedures
Chapter 2[RESERVED]
Chapter 3Rules of Court
Rules of Procedure for Civil Offenses
Chapter 4Suspension of Judges
Title 7Crimes
Chapter 1Criminal Code
Chapter 2Extradition
Chapter 3Sex Offender Registration and Notification
Chapter 4Victims’ Rights
Title 8Culture
Chapter 1Archaeological Resources Protection
Chapter 2Repatriation
Title 9Domestic Relations
Chapter 1Domestic Relations
Title 10Economic Development
Chapter 1Economic Development Authority
Chapter 2Community Development Financial Institution
Title 11Education
Chapter 1Tohono O’odham Community College
Chapter 2School Age Attendance
Chapter 3Youth Council
Title 12Elections
Chapter 1Elections
Title 13Employment
Chapter 1Tribal Employment Rights
Chapter 2Prevailing Wages
Chapter 3Whistleblower Protection
Title 14Enrollment
Chapter 1Enrollment Ordinance
Title 15Environment
Chapter 1Solid Waste Management
Chapter 2Soil and Water Conservation District
Chapter 3Interim Pesticide Protocol
Chapter 4Cactus Removal
Chapter 5Rock, Shrub, and Plant Removal
Chapter 6Woodcutting
Chapter 7Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know
Title 16Gaming
Chapter 1Regulation of Gaming Activities
Chapter 2Gaming Enterprise
Chapter 3O’odham Voice on the Use of Gaming Revenues
Title 17Health and Safety
Chapter 1Adult Protection
Chapter 2Tohono O’odham Nursing Care Authority
Chapter 3Restaurant Sanitation Regulations
Chapter 4Fireworks
Chapter 5Boxing and Unarmed Combat
Article 1– Boxing and Unarmed Combat
Article 2– Boxing Regulations
Article 3– Unarmed Combat Regulations
Chapter 6[RESERVED] – Involuntary Commitment
Chapter 7Animal Control
Chapter 8Research Code
Title 18Housing and Construction
Chapter 1Tohono O’odham Ki:ki Association
Chapter 2Vi-ikam Doag Industries
Chapter 3Building Codes
Chapter 4Housing Code
Chapter 5Residential Land Leases for Leasehold Mortgages
Title 19Land
Chapter 1Agricultural and Range Trespass
Chapter 2Nonmember Land Leases
Chapter 3Distribution of Lease Proceeds
Article 1– General Lease Proceeds
Article 2– Mining Lease Proceeds
Chapter 4Recreation Permits
Article 1– Nonmember Hunting Permits
Article 2– Camping and Picnicking Permits
Chapter 5Escheat
Chapter 6Nation’s Consent to Commercial Leases and Home Sites Allotments
Title 20Legal
Chapter 1Office of the Attorney General
Chapter 2Office of Independent Counsel
Title 21Liquor
Chapter 1Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 2Alcoholic Beverages Regulations
Title 22Taxation
Chapter 1Tobacco Tax
Chapter 2Transaction Privilege Tax
Chapter 3General Welfare
Chapter 4Tax Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 5Hotel Occupancy Tax; Food and Beverage Tax
Title 23Traffic Code
Chapter 1Traffic
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Chapter 2Driving Under the Influence
Chapter 3Speeding
Chapter 4Seatbelts and Child Restraints
Title 24Utilities and Communications
Chapter 1Tohono O’odham Utility Authority
Chapter 2Cable Communications
Title 25Water
Chapter 1Water Trust
Chapter 2District Water Advisory Committee
Chapter 3Tohono O’odham Nation Water Code
Chapter 4Implementation Provisions Regarding SAWRSA
Chapter 5Water Quality
Title 26Finance
Chapter 1Finance Code
Article 3– Gaming Revenue Distribution Formula and District Allocation Guidelines
Article 4– Contracting and Procurement Authority
Article 5– Fraud Policy
Article 6– Signatures and Bank Accounts
Chapter 2Grants
Chapter 3Permanent Trust Fund
Title 27Districts
Chapter 1Creation of the Hia-Ced District of the Tohono O’odham Nation
Chapter 2San Lucy District Boundary Ordinance